Security Consulting


We use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Our diverse skill-sets and global resources enable our experts to manage projects from inception to completion. From securing counterfeit goods along the supply chain to running drills to protect executives in unstable locations, our prompt-response one-stop shop capability delivers the best services along the whole continuum of security risk management.


Whether your company needs a security vulnerability assessment for one location or for hundreds of sites around the world, Gentur Security Services provides reliable risk evaluations and security consulting that help protect your assets.

Reliable Security Risk Evaluations Safeguard Your Assets Worldwide

To maintain profitability, companies need to stay fully operational at all times. That’s why clients across the globe turn to Gentur Security Services team of experts for comprehensive security risk assessments. Our global network of offices and resources allow us to fully analyze and evaluate situations world-wide.

Here are just some examples of the kind of work we can do to help you protect your company:

  • Assess threats and vulnerabilities applicable to your headquarters and/or other physical locations (distribution centers, retail stores, offices, satellite locations, executive residences and travel routes)
  • Provide a detailed review of employee safety and security processes at all client locations
  • Conduct a compliance audit against security provisions or mandates required by your industry
  • Develop a demographic analysis of the criminal activity in the immediate locale
  • Evaluate the use of electronic security systems and their applicability when compared to best practices and identified threats
  • Review of your physical security related policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards
  • Review and analyze the use of personnel for security purposes at client locations in determining best practice options for a balanced approach to staff hours and electronic security
  • Review the use of fencing, shrubbery, clear zones, security lighting and other physical and psychological barriers, through application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards
  • Provide an initial Vulnerability Findings report, documenting the results of our vulnerability site-assessment and interview processes
  • Analyze your executive travel, protocols, procedures and safe practices

Security Consulting