Cargo theft worldwide is estimated to cost enterprises as much as $60 billion per year. Whether you are a shipper of high-value loads such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, or metals, or the logistics provider of these goods, cargo theft comes at a high cost. Of course there’s the cost of the lost load and effort of recovery, but you may also be faced with increased insurance premiums, deductibles and a damaged reputation.

Gentur Security Services can put smart solutions in place to enhance transportation and logistics operations. From the warehouse to containers and trucks, we provide complete visibility and control to drive efficiency and profitability throughout your logistics enterprise.

90% of cargo theft happens during the transport of goods on trucks. Proactive truck security and fleet security systems means more than simply tracking shipments via GPS; it requires the ability to immediately take action when a security event occurs. We provide an advanced fleet security and control solution that provides real-time reporting when a shipment goes off-course, and can remotely shut down the truck safely.

Let our transportation and logistics security specialists help make your distribution facilities and operations more secure.