Traffic Marshalls

Gentur Security Services provides experienced traffic marshals for all types of events who help to ensure the safety of road users and event attendees. We provide Traffic Marshals trained to direct vehicle movement on or around site in an efficient and effective manner with the suitable usage of traffic control equipment and traffic control markers, signs and signals. We provide trained professionals who carry out their duty with sincerity and punctuality.

Gentur Security Services preserves the security and protection of its clients’ personnel, operations, and facilities by effectively anticipating and meeting present and future security threats. We continue our longstanding tradition of maintaining a high level of professionalism, dedication to clients, and ongoing development of innovative and cost effective solutions.

Responsibilities of Our Traffic Marshals

  • Controlling the traffic and make sure that residents/employees follow the traffic rules
  • Appropriately using major traffic control equipments include traffic cones, traffic barricades, traffic barrels, speed bumps, pavement tape for marking, vertical panel for smooth flow of traffic
  • To make sure that traffic is flowing at a safe speed keeping the cars and pedestrians separately
  • Direct the cars into parking area and assist the drivers/owners to locate their cars and leave again safely
  • To notify, direct and control traffic, including vehicle drivers, bicyclist and pedestrians
  • Respond to all the transport and traffic challenges in emergency and trauma medical care
  • To keep a vigilant eye on dangerous Manoeuvres – support reversing of vehicles within the site
  • Responding for assisting in the loading, unloading and manoeuvering of vehicles