Large festivals to corporate hospitality

From your event’s inception to execution, we will work with you and your event planning team every step of the way.

What makes our event security successful? Meticulous, organized planning. Gentur Security Services has spent many years perfecting a multi-tiered security plan that covers the areas of importance when hosting an event with large crowds, valuable assets, celebrities, and specific infrastructures. As always, our primary focus is safety but keeping appearance, your brand and your guests in mind are all compliments to our superior protection. Our dedication to meet guest requests and create a comfortable ambience is something we take very seriously.

For many years clients in UAE have had limited choices when it comes to security companies that can effectively handle large scale camping and music festivals. Gentur Security Services has literally changed the landscape of what people have grown to expect.

As we do with our Hospitality clients, we approach large festivals in a holistic method. Regardless of the fact that we are working in a large outdoor arena 24 hours a day for long periods of time, our basic principles still apply; Superior Customer Service, Extensive Training and Constant Communications.

We take the extra time to meet with the client, vendors and other vital participants. Gentur Security Services has the ability to onboard a large number of well trained agents in short periods of time. Another piece that separates us from our competition is that every agent gets training specific to the event they are assigned to. We never send our personnel to an event without briefing them with all critical information.