Crowd Control

When large groups of people gathered in any given place, they can cause havoc and create unsafe conditions for themselves and those around them. Promoters and event organizers know this and for that reason, to help maintain order, they rely in the combination of law enforcement officials and security officers. However, in order for the combination to be effective there needs to be good communication between law enforcement officials and security officers.

In addition to having good communication amongst both groups, security officers must be well trained. Their training is key since they usually are the first ones to respond to disturbances. Their responses and actions can either subside or intensify a situation. If the situation intensifies, it may lead to injuries and ultimately the closure of the event. In which case, it discredits the abilities of the security company, promoter, and event organizer.

Gentur Security Services offers crowd control armed and unarmed security officer services for special events—concerts, promotional events, multicultural events, religious events, corporate events, exhibitions, strikes, rallies, etc. Our crowd control security officers receive comprehensive training on matters that deal with controlling the crowds.

  • Security barriers
  • Directing traffic
  • Power of words
  • Body language
  • Identifying gang affiliates
  • Recognizing aggression
  • Subsiding altercations
  • Escorting of unruly individuals
  • Dispersing of the crowd

Since the presence of authority deters crime, we provide uniforms that help our crowd control security officers be visible and distinguishable. Furthermore, a member of our management team coordinates communication between law enforcement officials, the event coordinator and us. This allows for better allocation of resources, and enables us to be more proactive. Should the need arise; our crowd control security officers will be able to utilize their training and experience to control any situation. If you would like more information pertaining to our security crowd control security service or any other service offered by Gentur Security Services you can contact us by calling +971 4 3785858 or by completing our request a quote online form.