Clubs & Bouncers


Gentur Security Services provides you with an affordable and efficient Door Supervisor service, which can be utilised by an array of individuals and businesses throughout the country. When events are being held at your venue or property, it is imperative for your door supervisors to guarantee that the security is not breached and allows your patrons to enjoy their time whilst in attendance.

Our staff are all professional, polite and this guarantees that all your patrons always feel safe and secure while attending the event, because the risk of any trouble arising will be lessened significantly. Every door supervisor is specifically picked for your events, as we believe that each job varies from one another and this therefore requires a tailored approach every time.

We offer a flexible, reliable and efficient service for all customers. By approaching each job with a meticulous approach and attention to detail, we guarantee that our customers are always provided with effective Licensed door supervisors. When needed, our door supervisors can be provided at short notice and perform.