Tour Security

Gentur Security Services provides protection and logistical support to musical artists during concert tours worldwide. Having directed security for some of the largest and widely publicized stadium tours, we bring actual hands-on experience and work closely with tour managers to coordinate security advance arrangements of airports, ground transportation, hotels, hospitals, venues, and restaurants in each city. During an artist’s down time, Agents’ often make special private arrangements for sightseeing, hobby activities, shopping, and other interests.

At venues, we thoroughly inspect the stage, barricades, pyrotechnics, and other special effect devices prior to the artist’s arrival. We use state-of-the-art access control and travel with technologically advanced surveillance cameras, duress (panic) signaling devices, emergency evacuation equipment, and portable alarm systems. Our Protective Agents give artists the peace-of-mind to concentrate on what they do best – entertain their fans.

A few of the services we provide are listed below.

  • Threat & vulnerability assessments (TVA)
  • Threat management
  • Transportation & evacuation routes
  • Advance scouting of locations (site survey)
  • Staffing assignments & deployments
  • Communicate with federal, state, & local authorities
  • Internal & external intelligence gathering
  • Written security advances
  • Venue security
  • Pass credential services
  • Protective escorts
  • Stalker profiles & processing
  • Active shooter consultation
  • Personal protection training