Aquatic Security


One of Gentur Security Services key service is commercial merchant vessels protection, against all threats at sea, especially against maritime piracy.

We believe that for Commercial Shipping Vessels, we need to ensure a safe voyage with cost effective solutions.

We provide our clients with well appreciated peace and quite so they can conduct their business in the HRA and focus on anything but security.



Our YACHT-SAFE concept encompasses a number of services that can be tailored to fit a specific vessel and clients’ needs.

The first step in an effective security management plan is to understand the specific and unique threats and risks to the Yacht and furthermore to the principal. Our consultants are all former military and have specialist security knowledge including ISPS, IMO, Close Protection and Maritime Security. Using a threat and risk assessment analysis, we are able to help our clients understand their vulnerability and therefore tailor YACHT-SAFE to suit your individual needs.

Our yacht safe teams have been specially trained to operate aboard your yachts and understand the intricacies of being aboard high profile vessels.

As part of our Safe concept we can offer our crew-safe module which specifically focusing on Security and Travel Awareness which are fundamental to the safety of yachts and which takes the basis of the STCW course and provides the crew members with a practical understanding of the key security threats which are faced aboard yachts and in the environments which they find themselves in. In particular, looking at how crew members can protect themselves whilst ashore.